Garage door cable repair

Garage door cable repair

A garage door cable is a working part that lifts the garage door and holds its weight up in the air. Out of all the parts of a garage door, garage door cables usually have the least lifespan. The garage door cables break down, usually due to high tension or due to constant wear and tear from shutting or opening the garage door.

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Garage door cables are responsible for the smooth operation of your garage door. They act with torsion springs. Whenever you lift the garage door, the springs unwind and the energy made from this force is used to hold the garage door up.

Broken Garage door cables can ruin your day

Broken cables can pretty much ruin your day, especially if you are late for a meeting. If your garage won’t open, you would not be able to get your car outside. Hence, you will have no access to your car. How frustrating it is to even imagine.

In a broken garage door cable emergency, you might think to repair the cable yourself but it is quite dangerous to work with sharp cables and high torsion springs.

That is why it is recommended to call a professional to help you repair your garage door cable. Instead of undertaking the tedious task yourself, avoid the hassle and call JB GARAGE DOOR right away. We offer emergency and same-day garage door repair services throughout the town. excellent service, exceptional customer support, and great repair warranties


Why spend hours repairing a heavy and broken garage door when you can pick up your phone and call the best garage door repair company in town?

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We fix broken garage door cables on the same day

Garage doors are completely inoperable if the cables are broken. With a repair service as great as ours, you won’t be standing in hot summer or rainy weather for long. You won’t have to watch over your car for long. Our technicians are quick and are known as the best industry experts when it comes to repairing garage door cables and torsion springs.

We perform all the repair services with full responsibility and safety. Each one of our technicians complies with all the underlying safety standards.

With our expert technicians, unmatched services, and great warranties, we come highly recommended for any garage door repair services. We do the job right for the first time in a timely and professional manner.