Garage door panel replacement

The type of damage in your garage door panel

While garage door panel replacement is easy when a single panel is damaged, many people prefer a professional for replacement due to safety concerns. The panels on the exterior of the garage door are susceptible to constant movement, weather and wear & tear over time. While normal wear and tear include scratches, dents, discoloration and minor chips, damage includes distortion or a panel falling off.

If the repair is minor, it is possible to repair the individual panel, given the damage is present within the particular panel. However, if there’s high degree damage such as car dent or major cosmetic damage to multiple panels, the whole garage door panel needs to be replaced.

Garage door panel replacement

Have you ever looked closely at your garage door? Do you see how its constructed? Every garage door is built of individual hinged panels which are mostly made up of wood or steel. When the garage is activated or shut down, the panel sections raise and lower respectively. These hinged panels are the exterior of the garage door to make up for the aesthetics. However, whenever a panel becomes damaged or distorted, it can ruin the outlook of your garage door. In addition to that, safety concerns rise whenever you have a distorted or damaged hinged panel in your garage door. Hence the reason why it is recommended by the experts to get the panels repaired as soon as possible. If you are replacing the panel of the garage door yourself, you need to take care of all the safety precautions. For instance, it is better to disconnect the garage door power to avoid sudden activation. The chances of bodily injuries and deadly accidents increase when proper and safe methods are not used during a DIY garage door replacement.

Garage door panel replacement
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