Garage door weather stripping

Garage door weather stripping replacement service 

When you close your garage door, do you notice a draft on the top side of your door? if yes, you might have an old or most probably, a damaged weather seal. If you do not find an old weather-stripping seal, your garage door might be missing one of the most important parts of it.

With outdoor debris and the constant pressure of opening and closing the garage door, broken weather seal is one of the most common problems of homeowners.

By keeping your garage door’s weather seal in top condition, you can improve your garage door’s efficiency and protect all the content in your garage.

Signs that you have a damaged weather seal

Garage door weather stripping usually keeps out debris, pests, dirt, dust, drafts, and water from entering your garage and ruining your car. Due to constant pressure and exposure, the vinyl or rubber weather seal attached to your garage door might crack, stiffen or shrink over time.  

If you are unsure about getting garage door weather stripping replacement service, check the following:

  • Light peeking at the top of from the sides of the garage door
  • Light breezes coming from outside the garage door
  • Obvious damage or cracks in the garage door’s weather seal

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Get your weather seal replaced by JB Garage Door Repair

We have proper tools and a professional team of technicians that will replace your damaged weather seal in a matter of a few hours. Even though it is a fairly simple task, we have the right techniques and tools to do it just right.

We fix our garage door weather seal by measuring the width of the opening from the sides and the top of the garage door. After that, we cut the new weather seal to the appropriate size so that it can fit perfectly to your garage door.

After that, we install the weather seal to your garage door using premium-quality nails. One advantage of choosing JB GARAGE DOOR is that we install the new weather seal perfectly so that debris, dirt, dust, and cold cannot penetrate through the garage door.

Trust JB Garage Door Repair for weather-stripping replacement service

At JB Garage door repair, we provide affordable, reliable, and comprehensive weather seal replacement services to all our clients. We offer personalized solutions to each one of our clients, regardless of how tight the budget might be. We ensure that all our garage door repair services meet your specific requirements and needs.

We take pride in offering above-average garage door repair services throughout the town. Our mission is to improve the efficiency and daily performance of the garage door. Not only do we assist our customers by answering their queries in detail but also offer a free repair estimate as a part of our customer service.


JB Garage Door Repair is your one-stop-shop for any kind of garage door repair service. Whether you are looking to get your weather seal stripped replaced or want an entirely new door, JB garage door repair services won’t let you down.

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