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Garage door Tune-up

You spend a handsome amount of money on your car’s maintenance but what about the place where you park it? Just as your home needs general maintenance and inspection, your garage door is a part of your house and needs general inspection and maintenance every now and then.Just as general maintenance helps to keep a machine running smoothly, a garage door tune-up helps you to catch door problems early or before time. This helps to prolong the lifespan of all the garage door’s working parts. At JB garage door repair, we offer an exclusively and professionally designed 21-point inspection and maintenance garage tune-up and lubrication service to our clients.With our exceptional garage tune-up service, you can prevent expensive and inconvenient garage door repairs. After a convenient tune-up, there won’t be any breakdowns and your garage door will be operating at peak performance.

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The garage door is one feature of your home that gets the most wear and tear throughout 4 seasons as you use it as much as your home door. Stop and think for a minute. How many times do you open and close the garage door for taking out or parking your car in there? Multiply this number to the number of family members. That’s how many times your garage door opens in a single day. That’s a lot of use. That is why JB garage door repair believes that one must take special care of his garage door at any cost to avoid an emergency situation where you are late for a meeting and your garage door won’t open. A garage door’s tension springs break down or stop working very easily, especially in the winter season. To prevent expensive repairs, call JB garage door repair today, and get affordable tune-up service at your home.

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Some of our garage door tune-up services include:

  • Lubrication at the best value

Lubrication is the most important process of a tune-up service. It helps to minimize the loud noise and friction that causes damage and wear to the garage door.

  • 21-point safety maintenance and inspection service

During the tune-up process, we rely on our very own 21-point inspection process where we test every aspect of the garage door system. We know how the garage door’s parts wear out and begin to fail. Worn out parts can not only damage the door but can also prove dangerous for you.

  • Opener force check service

In our tune-up service, we also check the garage door opener’s force to see if its properly installed or not. If it is not set properly, it can cause significant damage to the door’s path.

  • Garage door repair

We also offer an extensive range of garage door repairs. We will fix every issue to ensure that your door shuts and opens as smoothly as possible, all year round.

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Is your garage door taking more time to slow down? does it feel heavier than usual? If yes, give us a call and our technicians will inspect everything for you in a timely manner.

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