Garage door repair paradise Las Vegas

Welcome to Garage door repair Paradise, Las Vegas, where we offer exceptional, reliable, and dependable services. Our team’s motto is to serve one of the populous cities of Las Vegas at competitive prices. Over the years, we have created a reputation for providing prompt, affordable, and reliable garage door repair services. The competent staff and unmatched quality of our products are the proof that we are old in this business.

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Garage door repair paradise Las Vegas
Garage door repair paradise Las Vegas

Residential and commercial garage door repair services

Garage doors are the heaviest moving parts of our business or home. Many components in the garage door’s system work together to keep it running. Some of the parts include sensors, openers, hinges, tracks, cables, rollers, springs, and panels.

You can depend on us for any kind of garage door repair, regardless of the time and day. We are just a phone call away.

Garage door repair services, Las Vegas

Minor garage door repairs can be performed by homeowners. However, issues with the openers, hinges, the cable of the springs are best left to the repair professionals. Garage door repairs can be dangerous and difficult to handle. Having said that, we provide all sorts of garage door repair services.

Some common services for which our clients contact us are:

Spring repair

If your garage is not moving up or down, there’s probably a problem with its springs. They are instrumental to a perfectly moving garage door because they lift most of the weight. Moreover, they control the balance and do all the heavy lifting for you.

You require the assistance of our trained yet professional technicians to fix, replace or repair the weight-bearing springs.

 Cable repairs

Garage door cables play a significant role in the working mechanism. However, it is quite similar to that of the sensors. Cables are there to protect you and keep the garage door from moving down wildly. That being said, it also saves the springs from breaking. However, cables wear out with corrosion and rust. Ultimately, the cables will snap unless you find the problem before time. But a worn-out cable is not an issue for us. We have replaced thousands of cables and are more than happy to replace yours.

Roller repairs

Does your garage door make squeaking noises? If yes, you might have a problem with the rollers. The only two solutions to stop the noises are to replace the rollers or lubricate them. Worn-out rollers cause constant damage to your door tracks. If you want no further damage to your garage door because of the broken rollers, contact us today and get them fixed.

Panel replacement

Sectional garage doors are made of panels. They provide a lot of benefits to the homeowners. However, they tend to get damaged faster. Whether the middle section of your door is damaged or the bottom section, we can replace the panels with new ones.

Sensor and opener replacement

Openers are small motors that work on electricity and help your door to move with a press of a button. But a broken opener might be a nuisance, especially if your car is parked inside. On the other hand, safety sensors are there to prevent damage and injury.

We have the expertise, knowledge, and technology to fix and repair both of the parts. 

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