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Garage Door Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs are the engine that lifts the garage door, without them the door will not open.  When the garage door torsion springs break, having it fixed quickly is a must, especially if your car is stuck inside.  Garage Door Torsion Springs come in a variety of different sizes and type.

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Garage Door Torsion Springs Repair

How many springs should my garage door have?

Two car garage doors should have 2 springs installed.  One car garage door should only have 1 spring.  It is common to see home builders in an effort to same money use only one in a two car garage.  Due to the weight of a two car garage door, a single spring does not provide an even lift, nor the longevity of a two spring system. Springs are under high tension. The garage door torsion springs (the springs above the door) should only be adjusted by a qualified professional or a mechanically experienced person carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions.  Garage door springs, cables, brackets, rollers,  and other hardware attached to the springs, are under very high tension and, if handled improperly, can cause serious injury.  Do not attempt to repair or adjust you garage door torsion springs yourself. Never remove, adjust or loosen the screws on the bottom brackets of the door. These brackets are connected to the spring by the lift cable and are under extreme tension.

A restraining cable or other device should be installed on the extension spring (the spring along the side of the door) to help contain the spring if it breaks. When this occurs contact JB Services for same day service.  Springs that are worn out but not yet broken can be deceiving, the springs are intact but not lifting the proper amount of weight. This causes your garage door opener to do more work than it is designed to do and will damage the opener and cause additional problems with the garage door. To avoid this you should keep an eye on the performance of your springs.  Simply put the door in the down position, release the opener from the door and lift it by hand.  The door should almost lift it self.   If it does not, your springs need to be adjusted or replaced.  If you are not sure, call us and we will come out to perform an inspection. Don’t wait for problems to multiply.  At JB Services we only carry the highest quality materials which is essential for your garage door life

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