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Why is my garage door only working when I push the wall button?


Are you a homeowner who is having problems with your garage door?  There are many different component that can break and need repairing.  Here is something you can check before calling JB Garage Door Repair Las Vegas. is Always willing to come to you and assess the problem.

You can only get the garage door to go down by pushing the wall button:


  • This is usually because of the garage door senor not working properly.
  • The sensors are old or bad.
  • Maybe the sensors are not lined up correctly.
  • There could be loose wires.
  • There could be something blocking the  garage door sensor.


To correct this problem, JB Garage Door Repair will check make sure that both of the garage door sensor eyes are clean, the sensors are directed at each other and the wire connections on both transmitters are securely fastened at the motor head of the sensor.

If this doesn’t help, we have a whole list of other diagnostic test we can preform. It is important to give JB Garage Door Repair a call right away!

We have garage door specialist that can help solve any garage door repair problem that you encounter.