What is included in the Garage door tune-up service?

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What is included in the Garage door tune-up service?

You use your garage door fairly often to get access to your car or to work there if you have converted it into a nice and cozy workshop. It means that the garage door is continuously opening and closing throughout the year.

 Every time you open or close a garage door, all the components of a garage door such as the spring and opener move. Continuous usage of the garage door can wear out your components and might even lose the bolts within the garage door. That is why everyone having a garage in their houses must consider getting a garage door tune-up service at least thrice a year. 

What is included in the Garage door tune-up service?

Why should you get regular garage door tune-ups?

Preventive maintenance of your garage door is the number 1 reason why you should consider getting regular tune-ups. During a garage door tune-up, a professional technician from a well-reputed service provider comes to your doorstep and examines/inspects all the screws, hinges, springs, bolts and other moving components that usually wear out or lose over time.

The routine inspection and tune-up help the technician to resolve all the issues before your garage door breaks down. Getting a regular tune-up can save you a lot of money.

What’s included in a regular garage tune-up?

 Here are some of the services included in a regular garage door tune-up:

Inspection of your garage door’s hardware

Your garage door moves multiple times in a day. Therefore, the hardware can loosen and be a potential risk to your life and security. A technician inspects and tightens all the bolts and roller brackets that hold the garage rails. He also inspects the support brackets to ensure your garage door does not fall when the roller brackets fail.

Maintenance of seals, chains, opener, and springs

Sometimes, the garage door’s speed slows down. While there might be many reasons causing it, the most common reason is a worn-out opener. If a technician finds a slow-working opener, he lubricates the screw and chains with white lithium grease to have it working.

Some screws do not require lubrication but you do not have to worry about it as the technician from the service provider has keen knowledge about all types of garage doors.

Slight maintenance of seals, chains, springs, and opener enables the user to close and open the door smoothly, with any extra force.

The final test of your garage door

The final step of the tune-up includes testing your garage door’s balance. A properly balanced door does not crush something that comes in its way. This puts a less mechanical burden on your garage door opener.

To check your garage door’s balance, the technician detaches the opener by pulling the opener release handle and lowers the garage door halfway. A properly balanced garage door holds this position without any hand assistance.

However, if the door goes up, the springs are under too much tension and need to be repaired immediately. Adjusting the springs are dangerous as well as tricky, even for a technician.

Inspecting your garage door can be dangerous for a non-technician. That is why it is always recommended to call a garage door professional and get an affordable yet prompt tune-up. 

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