What to do in an emergency for garage door repair

What to do in an emergency for garage door repair

What to do in an emergency for garage door repair

Suppose you are late for a meeting. You put your bag and laptop in the car and just about to pull in the driveaway when you realize that the garage door won’t open up. Frustrating to even think about it, right? A garage door emergency at the last minute.

Garage door components can get old at any time of the year, especially winters. Emergency repairs make situations even more inconvenient. The longer your garage door is unfixed, the longer your personal belongings in the garage are unsafe, including your car.

Things to do in an emergency for a garage door repair

If you ever get an emergency for a garage door, you might panic and make the wrong move. That is why we have compiled a guide so that you can tackle the situation like an expert. 


Do not Panic

The first and foremost step is to relax and not panic, even if you are 30 minutes late to the meeting. Panicking is the last thing you should be doing when there’s a broken garage door right in front of you.

Do not try to fix the garage door by yourself. They are some of the largest house components and weight more than 400 lbs. Their components and the weight of the garage door, itself can be very dangerous for you and your kids.

One Canadian report revealed that 60% of garage fixes by an unprofessional result in crushed hands and fingers.

Any repair, done by an unprofessional as you could be another problem in the future for a professional repairer. So, stay put and do not let your frustration take over you.

Try to Assess the problem if you can

Find out the problem in the garage door, if possible. Garage doors with broken tension springs or stripped gear set could turn into deadly accidents. If you have a battery-operated garage door, check if the battery’s dead.

Broken tension springs are the common garage door emergencies. If the tension spring is broken, the door won’t open until a professional repairer comes and fixes it.

Moreover, note how your garage door closes or opens. Observe the noises it is making. Better observations lead to quicker solutions.

Call a professional garage door repair company

We cannot stress this step enough. If you have an emergency garage door repair, do not put your life in danger. Instead, call a professional who can fix the door quickly.

Moreover, if you find your garage door not working properly, you can call a professional from JB Garage Door for inspection, just to be safe.

Whether the company installed your garage door or not, do not hesitate in telling them about any weird noise that your door makes. General maintenance every now and then prevents mishaps like this from happening.

Garage Door emergency repair

With these 3 easy steps and a maintenance check on your garage door every couple of months, you can prevent a door catastrophe right before your important meeting or lunch.

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