New Garage Doors Las Vegas

new garage doors Las Vegas

New Garage Doors Las Vegas

Perfect time and weather to replace that old door garage door that is not appealing or giving you problems.

New Garage doors Las Vegas add value, curb appeal, safety and security for your home.  They secure the entryway to our home, cars, tools and more. There are three different garage door types to choose from.

Roller New Garage Doors Las Vegas

Roller garage doors are mostly used for RV garage doors.  New garage doors for storage units, and commercial warehouses.  These roll up to the ceiling. JB Garage Door Repair does not install these type of new garage doors.


Sectional New Garage Doors Las Vegas

Sectional doors are the most popular new garage doors Las Vegas.  They have either 4 or 5 sections for standards doors.  The sections connect together.  It uses rollers on track that bend as they are going up to the end of the track.  It is really convenient to be able to stay in the car as the door opens and closes.   A remote control sends a message to to the motor to open or close the new garage doors.  You have an option of connecting a wireless keypad on the outside of the door.  It will allow you access into the new garage doors with a code. JB Garage Door Repair install new garage doors everyday.  Call us 702-527-1985


Up and Over, and Swing Hung New Garage Doors Las Vegas

New garage doors Las Vegas are replaced by these old style garage doors.   They are made of wood and swing open into the driveway.  You need to be parked far enough away to allow room for them to open and close.   These types of doors are not recommended for short driveways or driveways with little space.  Here at JB Garage Door Repair we replace these old style garage doors.  Call today for new garage doors Las Vegas.



The most common materials used in new garage doors Las Vegas are steel.  They are available in wood, and vinyl as well.   If you have a new garage doors, it is more than likely that you have one of these three types of garage doors.


If you would like to have more information about installing new garage doors Las Vegas or need help with your old garage door, Call 702-527-1985 JB Garage Door Repair.