Garage Door Springs

garage door springs las vegas

garage door springs las vegasGarage Door Springs are extremely important for your garage door to work properly.  There are 2 types of springs used in garage doors.  You have either an Extension Spring or Torsion Spring.

Las Vegas being mostly made of newer construction we have steel garage doors therefore the most common garage door springs used are the Torsion Springs.  So today I will explain all the importance of the garage door springs.  As well as the safety behind the Torsion Springs.

Most Las Vegas residents use their garage as the primary entrance and exit of their home.  The Torsion Springs are on the top of the garage door.  They are stronger than the Extension springs.  The torque of the garage door springs will twist and coil on the Torsion Springs.  Torsion Springs are more expensive and will last longer because of their function and strength.   You can expect the garage door springs to have a life span of about 10 years depending on the amount of times you open and close the garage door.  10 years is approximately between 15,000 to 20,000 lifts.


Very Important Safety Information for Garage Door Springs


This is very dangerous and you can seriously hurt yourself.  The garage door springs are under a lot of pressure.  The springs hold the weight of your garage door.  The springs is what lifts the door.  When it breaks it can drop the door completely and cause injury.   If you have 2 springs and only one breaks, you should replace both of the garage door springs.  The other one will break shortly after because they have the same life span.

Please make sure and call a professional technician to do the work needed for your garage door springs.