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Garage Door Repair Spring Valley Las Vegas

garage door sprng valley las vegas

Garage Door in Spring Valley A garage door is a major component to every home. When certain problems occur, components may require repair or replacement. JB Garage Door Repair would like to help inform you as to when a garage door needs repair or full replacement. All garage doors wear down over time. With proper […]

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation This  new garage door installation is a standard 16×7 door with insulation. It is a short panel design.  It has a 24 gauge insulation.  It is Almond color.  We at JB Garage Door repair do these type of garage door installation a couple times a day.  We did this specific garage door […]

Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

Emergency Garage Door Repair Service So far this month we have had calls for emergency garage door repair service.  The call have been right when we open in the morning and right before we close for the day.  We have had calls from garage doors being off track, cables, wires, chains, belts and rollers being […]

Garage Door Springs

garage door springs las vegas

Garage Door Springs are extremely important for your garage door to work properly.  There are 2 types of springs used in garage doors.  You have either an Extension Spring or Torsion Spring. Las Vegas being mostly made of newer construction we have steel garage doors therefore the most common garage door springs used are the […]

Garage Door Will Not Open

Garage Door Torsion Springs Repair

Things you need to check before calling JB Garage Door Repair The most common problems for your Garage Door not to open are simple checks you will be able to do before calling a professional Garage Door Repair company. Make sure the torsion spring is not broken Make sure all the cables are not loose […]

4 Garage Door Safety Tips


Make sure the garage door opener control button is out of the reach of small children. Do not let children play with garage door remote controls. Consult the owner’s manual and learn how to use the garage door’s emergency release feature. Visually inspect the garage door each month. Look at springs, cables, rollers and pulleys […]