How to replace a broken garage door glass window

How to replace a broken garage door glass window

Qualities of a good garage door repair company

How to replace a broken garage door glass window

While broken mirrors bring bad luck, broken garage door windows bring frustration and security threats. Therefore, broken garage door windows should never be ignored, especially if you live in a neighborhood where burglars are at large.

A broken garage door window does not only increase safety hazards but also gives a signal to the burglars that you are not concerned with the open way to the house.

Steps to replace a garage door window

Broken garage door windows need a little more repair than taping. It requires proper tools, equipment and a practical repair soliton from a good service provider. Otherwise, you’d spend hours and end up taping the broken garage door window.

Here are some steps to replace a garage door window in an emergency:

Assess the type of window

Two decades ago, the window panes were made of wood. Therefore, replacing broken glass was simple. However, the garage doors now come with a single pane which makes broken glass replacement difficult.

The long glass in the garage door is held in place by the panes which are usually attached through screws. Unless you have the old type of garage door, it’s best to call a professional to help you out.

Even if you decide to replace it yourself, don’t forget to measure the width and height of the window for a replacement order.

Remove the screws, hold the frame, take out the broken glass and replace it with a new glass. Fit the frame back by screwing both sides tightly.


Qualities of a good garage door repair company
How to replace a broken garage door glass window

Remove the damaged garage door glass safely

It is advised to wear good quality gloves and safety goggles before removing the broken glass from the garage door. Use a putty knife to take the smaller shards of glass out of the pane and save the largest shard for the end.

Measure the single window frame of your garage door

Measure the thickness and height of the largest shard of broken glass and dispose of it safely. Measure the width from opening side to closing side and height from top to bottom.

Subtract one-eighth of an inch from the height and width measurement for the windowpane. If you can, buy a laminated or tempered glass. Laminated or tempered glass is four times stronger than the regular glass used on garage doors.

The tempered glass is specifically designed to break into large and smooth shards rather than small and sharp shards.

Whereas, the laminated glass for the garage door is coated with a film of plastic from all sides. Therefore, it resists breakage.

Prepare the pane for the tempered/laminated glass

Place out the glazier’s points that help to put the glass within the frame.  Scrape off the rust or the dried paint that might have accumulated on the sides.

If the debris is hard to remove, coat it with oil and then use a blower to heat the paint up. Use sandpaper to brush away all the debris. Apply a thick film of primer and let it dry thoroughly.

Install new glass window on the garage door

 Apply the glazed compound alongside the inner edges of the window frame. Fit the new glass within the putty and ensure that it fits perfectly. Push the glazier’s points and hold them from four edges to hold it in place.

After that, paint the new frame to match from rest of the garage door color.

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