repainting your garage door

repainting your garage door

Tips to consider when repainting your garage door

A garage door is the extension of your home which increases its value and its outlook. You want the design of the garage door to flow with the rest of the home’s exterior, especially if it connects to the main entrance.

While some people like replacing their old garage doors with modern ones, others find it easy to do a painting DIY job. It might seem like a daunting and time-consuming task but it is actually fun and less costly than buying a new garage door.

repainting your garage door

Guide to paint your garage door

Here are some tips to consider before you start the DIY painting job:

Pick out the appropriate shade of paint

Before you pick out the appropriate color for your garage door, it is important to consider the size and type. The longevity and beauty of the garage door paint lie in three factors.

You have to inquire about the primer and the type of paint which will work on your garage door. If your garage door is made of wood or steel, oil-based paint is perfect for selection. Acrylic paint is food for aluminum garage doors and latex-based based primer is suitable for vinyl garage doors.

Choose an exterior paint that will withstand the outdoor elements, such as rain, humidity, dry weather, and cold.

While picking up the color of the paint, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want the garage door color to complement other doors of the house?
  • Should my garage door color match the trim of my house?
  • Should my garage door color compliment the color of my house?

Don’t clash colors as they look to add and might even reduce the value of your house.

Clean and prepare the garage door

When you have picked up the supplies and the paint, let’s get started. Disengage the garage door opener before preparing the garage door. After that, wear your protective gear and sand your door to remove previous paint.

Once you complete the sanding process, use an all-purpose cleaning agent to scrub and rinse the excess paint off.

Cover the hardware of the garage door

The next step is to prime the door. Once your garage door is dry, cover the hardware by using painter tape. Line the edges to protect your walls. Moreover, you can place clothes underneath the garage door to protect your driveway.

Apply the primer on one panel and move your way from bottom to top. If you have a textured garage door, use a brush. Otherwise, use a big roller to cover large areas of the door.

Let the coat of primer dry for at least 12 hours.

Paint the door

Use the same technique for painting the door as you had used in applying primer. Use long yet slow strokes to avoid streaking. Apply at least two or three coats of paint to ensure a smooth look of the door.

Paint the trim

Once the door is painted, it is time to paint the trim. Whether you are using the same color as the door or a combination color, make sure to tape off for crisp lines. And voila, it is all done!


Pat yourself on the back after a tiring yet fun garage door DIY paint job. While it is a daunting task, it is better than investing in a new garage door.

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