Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

So far this month we have had calls for emergency garage door repair service.  The call have been right when we open in the morning and right before we close for the day.  We have had calls from garage doors being off track, cables, wires, chains, belts and rollers being loose or the garage door openers are not working.  We have been accommodating customers for emergency garage door repair service as much as we can.

How do you know if you need emergency garage door repair service?

Emergency garage door repair service is available for you first thing in the morning when you are trying to leave to go to work or when you come home from work at the end of the day and one of the following happen:

emergency garage door repair service

  • When your door will only open halfway
  • When your door will not close
  • When you hear a loud noise from you garage
  • When you see your door off track
  • When all of the cables, wires, chains, belts or rollers have come out of place
  • When your opener is not working correctly
  • When the torsion springs break

This is when you should call us at 702-527-1985 JB Garage Door Repair for emergency garage door repair service.

We do not recommend repairing your door yourself.  You could end up doing more damage and in the long run costing you more money.  It is very important to call JB Garage Door Repair  when you have an emergency garage door repair service need.   We will arrive at your house within 45 minutes, assess the problem, fix the garage door or secure your garage door.


For emergency Garage Door Repair Service call us JB Garage Door at 702-527-1985.  We will arrive within 45 minutes to repair or secure your garage door.



Garage Door Torsion Springs Repair

Garage Door Will Not Open

garage door las vegasThings you need to check before calling JB Garage Door Repair

The most common problems for your Garage Door not to open are simple checks you will be able to do before calling a professional Garage Door Repair company.

  • Make sure the torsion spring is not broken
  • Make sure all the cables are not loose
  • Make sure the opener is plugged in
  • Make sure you have power to the opener outlet
  • Make sure the safety sensors are lined up and there is nothing blocking them
  • Make sure the batteries are good in your remote control
  • Make sure you are able to manually lift the by releasing the emergency cable

If you have gone through this simple check list and you your Garage Door will still not open then you should call JB  to assess the problem and fix your Garage Door in a timely manner.  When your the torsion springs are not broken. The cables are not lose. The opener is plugged in and you have power going to the outlet. The safety sensors are lined up correctly, are clean from dirt and there is nothing blocking them. You have replaced the batteries in your Garage Door remote control.  If you have released the Garage Door emergency cable and are able to open the Garage Door manually; then the problem is more than likely an electrical problem with either your Garage Door opener or the remote control.

Call JB Garage Door Repair Company 702-800-9973 and we will be sure to get your door working again.

We are honest, efficient, and fair with our pricing.  Weather we need to replace the motor/opener, remote control, broken springs, cables, or safety sensors our van is fully stocked and our technician is high trained in all of these repairs.