When to Fix Your Garage Door

When to Fix Your Garage Door

All garage doors wear down over time. With proper maintenance and repairs, a garage door can last 20 years. However, there comes a time when a garage door and its systems will need to be replaced. One sign it is time to replace your garage door is rust. Rust develops over time and cannot be stopped. Rust can be slowed down, but it can eventually damage a garage door or its component to dangerous levels. When this happens, the garage door becomes a major hazard. When rust takes over shop around for a new garage door. When a garage door receives major damages you will need to assess if the damage components can be replaced and repaired or if you need to replace the entire system. Having a professional come and assess the damage can give you a better idea whether or not you will need to replace the system.

It is important to repair garage doors as they develop certain issues.

  • Bad Garage Door Sensor – One frequent problem is when the garage door begins to rise and the door then closes shut—or just the opposite, when the door begins to close and then opens back up. This is actually your garage door’s safety system engaging. However, when there is no reason for the system to engage, there is a problem with the photo eye sensor which often requires a quick and simple repair.
  • Garage Door Opener Jerks or Vibrates. When the garage door opener struggles to lift the garage door it will jerk or vibrate. The lifting cables may be broken or damaged.
  • Garage Door Roller & Cable Problems. You can also check the rollers. They may be loose, missing, or rusty. Rollers and cables can be replaced, which falls under a simple repair to your garage door.
  • Noisy Garage Doors. Noise is never a good sign. When a garage door makes loud noises when it is opening, it may be due to damages to the track, or it may simply need to be lubricated. Inspect the tracks for damage such as bending or twisting. If they are in good condition have the track lubricated. That should stop the loud noises.
  • Broken Garage Door Springs. Another common repair is replacing the garage door’s spring system. The springs do wear out over time and can be easily replaced. When the springs do wear down you may notice your garage door opens or closes much slower than normal. Springs are a common and a quick fix to an aging garage door.
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Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

So far this month we have had calls for emergency garage door repair service.  The call have been right when we open in the morning and right before we close for the day.  We have had calls from garage doors being off track, cables, wires, chains, belts and rollers being loose or the garage door openers are not working.  We have been accommodating customers for emergency garage door repair service as much as we can.

How do you know if you need emergency garage door repair service?

Emergency garage door repair service is available for you first thing in the morning when you are trying to leave to go to work or when you come home from work at the end of the day and one of the following happen:

emergency garage door repair service

  • When your door will only open halfway
  • When your door will not close
  • When you hear a loud noise from you garage
  • When you see your door off track
  • When all of the cables, wires, chains, belts or rollers have come out of place
  • When your opener is not working correctly
  • When the torsion springs break

This is when you should call us at 702-527-1985 JB Garage Door Repair for emergency garage door repair service.

We do not recommend repairing your door yourself.  You could end up doing more damage and in the long run costing you more money.  It is very important to call JB Garage Door Repair  when you have an emergency garage door repair service need.   We will arrive at your house within 45 minutes, assess the problem, fix the garage door or secure your garage door.


For emergency Garage Door Repair Service call us JB Garage Door at 702-527-1985.  We will arrive within 45 minutes to repair or secure your garage door.



New Garage Door

new garage doorsNew Garage Door Materials

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Vinyl

Steel being the most popular in Las Vegas is your best bet for a New Garage Door.

The options for  a new garage door are:

Steel Doors will last you the longest out of all of the New Garage Door options.  It is the strongest of the metals, which makes it hard to bend.  It can withstand the extreme heat and cold in Las Vegas.  It is not the most expensive and it is the one with the least maintenance.  It is the most popular choice for a New Garage Door.  It can be ordered in color and different types of wood grains.  It can be insulated which will help cool the garage and reduce the high energy bills during the summer.

Aluminum is the least expensive out of all of the New Garage Door options.  It is the thinnest and most lightweight garage door.  Aluminum will therefore dent the easiest and is not the most popular choice for a new garage door.

Wood doors will give you a nice look to your home but is not always practical.  It is the most expensive out of the New Garage Door options.  Wood has a harder time withstanding  the extreme weather in Las Vegas.  You need to have a custom or over sized driveway.  The maintenance is more of an up keep.  Every year you need to have it repainted or re-stained.   A new wood door is only great for a very specific curb appeal.

Vinyl garage door is made out of a hard plastic.   It will not dent the New Garage Door  like a metal door will.  However  it is also not as strong as a metal new garage door option.


Call us Today 702-527-1985 to give you an estimate for your new garage door.  We are ready to remove your old door, install your new garage door the same day or next day.  The standard size and most popular garage door in Las Vegas is always in stock.  Custom size and style garage door, we can have it ordered and installed usually Next Day.