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Garage Door in Spring Valley

A garage door is a major component to every home.

When certain problems occur,
components may require repair or replacement.
JB Garage Door Repair would like to help inform you as to when a garage door
needs repair or full replacement.

All garage doors wear down over time. With proper maintenance and repairs,
A garage door can last 20 years. However, there comes a time when a garage door and
Its systems will need to be replaced. One sign it is time to replace your garage door is rust.
Rust develops over time and cannot be stopped. Rust can be slowed down, but it can eventually damage a garage door
Or its component to dangerous levels. When this happens, the garage door becomes a major hazard.
When rust takes over shop around for a new garage door.
When a garage door receives major damages you will need to assess if the damage components can be replaced and repaired
Or if you need to replace the entire system.
Having a professional come and assess the damage can give you a better idea whether or not you will need to replace the system.

When to Fix Your Garage Door It is important to repair garage doors as they develop certain issues. Bad Garage Door Sensor – One frequent problem is when the garage door begins to rise and the door
then closes shut—or just the opposite, when the door begins to close and then opens back up.
This is actually your garage door’s safety system engaging. However,
when there is no reason for the system to engage, there is a problem with the photo eye sensor
which often requires a quick and simple repair. Garage Door Opener Jerks or Vibrates. When the garage door opener struggles to lift the garage door it will jerk or vibrate.
The lifting cables may be broken or damaged.

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